A couple of tweaks from Italian Lidl

A little change, everyone!

This time I bring you a few treats from Lidl Italia typical for this country that you really cannot leave out while passing by.



Panna Cotta with caramel…oh gosh, this thing is unbelievably tasty. It tastes great also with raspberry topping



Chocolate mousse…surely worth of trying..



I haven’t seen this anywhere else before, but it’s perfect. It’s not supposed to sit in a refrigerator, but I recommend you to do so, it’ll taste even better.



Croissants with sugar sprinkled on the top…amazing combination for everyone, who is not really into mawkish fillings.



Hmm, how to actually describe this? Kinda like…puffed rice dipped in the milk chocolate? I have no idea. But it’s really sweet and delicious, one piece is enough for the day I would say.



Typical Italian formaggio…well, I don’t like cheese tbh, but otherwise should everyone this this!



Finely hashed pork meat with small cubes of pork – another Italian specialty.



And finally…PASTAAA!

This wasn’t the only pasta I came home with, I brought a few other kinds, too: cuttlefish spaghetti, prosciutto filled tortelini, ravioli filled with spinach etc etc.


Well, these were just a few ideas what to look for in the supermarkets while visiting Italy. There are, of course, many other gorgeous meals to discover, I’m already looking forward for my next trip to this magnificient country!

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