Day 1


  • travelling by bus all night long, in the morning arriving to the beautiful Austrian town of Innsbruck. We visited picturesque Ambras Castle, got up to the mountains by a cableway Seegrubenbahn and did some sightseeing in the town. Of course, we couldn’t forget the shops and also spent some hours in stores like Lush, Sephora, Douglas, Body Shop, Lindt etc etc. We slept in Altpradl Hotel and had amazing view to the Alps from our window…wow.


Day 2


  • after awesome breakfast we packed ourselves up and caught a bus leading to Strasbourg in France. Around 1pm we finally arrived and did some sightseeing again: Notre Dame, Le Petit France and all the squares and small ,,rues” made us a very great day. We slept in Ibis Budget hotel with even more amazing view to the Strasbourg station (Gare de Strasbourg) and a park in front.


Day 3


  • waking up early because today we are going to the European Parliament! After some hours (and delicious lunch) we got back to the hotel and spent basically the whole evening in the park (and McDonalds hahah) because it was really warm outside…


Day 4


  • waking up early again and packing off for another journey! Across France and Switzerland we got to the Italy, to the fashion capital – Milano. Well, this was probably the best day of my life. All the reminiscences made today…Milan Cathedral, Teatro alla Scala, Sforza Castle and basically all the streets and architecture were super crazy, I really loved it! Also, you just can’t elude all those shops, restaurants and ice-cream stands…
  • In the late night we arrived to Genova where we were staying in Mercure Hotel. Here we were not really able to do any sightseeing because it has been very late already, but at least we visited the port and saw the Columbus ship and mall.


Day 5


  • three amazing cities on our list today! Waking up extremely early today, having fast (but so delicious oh my gosh) breakfast and leading to La Spezia and famous Manarola in Rio Maggiore (also known as Cinque Terre). After two hours (and so many photos taken haha) there, we got to the bus again and left the town with the second destination ahead – Pisa. I think I fell in love with this city. Not only the famous sights but just that Mediterranean atmosphere…mostly that lawn under the Pisa Cathedral, we even had (on my insistence) the lunch there, just simply sitting on the grass, enjoying the sun…I honestly didn’t feel like getting up and travelling to another city, but we had to do it, so after almost half an hour we finally got to the Pisa station from which we travelled to the capital of Tuscany’s region, Florence. Fortunately, station was near the centre there, so all the sights we had right in front of us: Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze Baptisery, Piazzale Michelangelo…but the spot I loved the most were surely Boboli Gardens. Such a nice place for a picnic, believe me! But it’s open only till 7am what is actually a pity…then, around 11pm we got on our bus and with all our baggage arrived to our hometown the next day in the afternoon.


Day 6


  • well, this whole day was spent in the bus but because I was with right people, it was great too!

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