EUROTRIP 2017 pt.2!

Hello everybody!

Another Eurotrip this year, woohoo! This time a bit shorter, but who cares! We saw many pleasurable places anyways.

Day 1


  • travelling in bus all night long, in the morning arriving to our first destination – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles in beautiful Bavaria in Germany. Well, I bet you already noticed my never-dying love for autumn, so there, surrounded by red, orange and yellow falling leaves and that gorgeous fresh smell of autumn, I was basically in heaven. We saw Hohenschwangau castle only from the bottom (too expensive, huh), unfortunately, but we managed to have a Czech audioguide in Neuschwanstein. Some of us took bus up to the castle (1,80€ ride up, 1€ ride down), I was between those who decided to make it up that steep hill on foot. Well, at least for me it was a nice walk, because I love walking almost as much as I love fall, but not everyone is into that. When you’re already underneath the castle, there are many great viewpoints, such as the most famous one Marienbrucke. Don’t miss this one! It’s definitely worth it. Later in the afternoon we arrived to the capital of this region – Munich, accommodated ourselves and after a little break went to the town. Across Olympiapark we got to BMW Welt (great for men and boys!!) and then by train to the city centre. It’s a really lovely city, mostly in night, I will certainly dedicate it more than one article. We slept in Hostel Haus International – quite old equipment, but very clean and close to the centre. Thoroughly recommend this for low-budget travelers!


Day 2


  • Packing off very early and heading to the second stop of our trip – picturesque town of Strasbourg in France. After accommodating in Ibis Budget Hotel in Illkirch very near Strasbourg (and me breaking two of my fingers, yay), we went to see the centre. Well, all of us have already visited it, but you know…Strasbourg is that kind of town which you fall in love with in very first sight and then never stop loving it. We had a walk all around the historical city centre, got a dinner (everyone went for flammkuchen, but I had saumon fumé – great, but a bit too expensive), shopped a little…and basically adored the local architecture all the time.


Day 3


  • Waking up very early, because today we are guess what…visiting the European parliament! Well, it’s a nice and beneficial experience for those who are interested in politics, international relations etc., but sitting on the chair and listening to some French guy the whole day…can get tedious after a couple of hours, you know. This time it was way better than last time, because I was surrounded with friends, but still too long in my opinion. 😀 In the evening we visited the centre again and after…ehm…quite low-budget dinner in McDonalds we decided for La Petite France (google the pictures, in daylight it looks even more beautiful!) and just…oh gosh, this city is just wonderful, always full of surprises.


Day 4


  • finally getting a good sleep today! Well, if you consider 4 hours enough…but it was surely longer than the previous nights, haha. Now heading to our last destination…Salzburg! The route was long, but we always had something to do or some kind of topic to talk about, so we didn’t even notice we are already in Austria…and this town…ah, I have a thing for this kind of architecture, I just loved it. Before the dinner we saw Mirabell Palace and its gardens and by famous Makartsteg crossed the river and via beautiful narrow streets got to the heart of this town – Mozart’s birthplace, Residenzplatz, Salzburger Dom, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg, market and biggest Mozartkugel were, of course, must-haves. So don’t miss them too! And, obviously, don’t forget to bring some delicious Mozart balls from there! One more tip for you…Austrian dm drogerie is extremely cheap, so if you have some coins left…well, you know what to do. 😀
  • Around 8pm we made it to our bus and the next morning, at 6am we were in our hometown again…I’m really looking forward for the next trip with these people! One may be current in February, actually…


Everyone who scrolled this far…have a nice day! 🙂

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