Random Saturday Trip

Because what’s better than discovering nature in the most beautiful time of the year?

I didn’t feel like studying nor reading this Saturday morning, so I decided to finally use my ISIC student card and travel somewhere. Yup, it was that fast. Decision in like a second. And you know what? I didn’t regret it.

I had no idea where to go so I just kept travelling in the train until I heard a woman voice saying “and the next stop is…Michalovce”. Michalovce is quite small town (around 40 000 inhabitants – in Slovakia it belongs between the larger cities, but from a general point of view it’s actually pretty tiny) lying on the eastern lowlands. Nearby is located the biggest lake in Slovakia – Zemplínska šírava. And because weather was even more amazing than in my hometown, I decided to hop off the train and get in the bus leading to one of its recreational localities – Medvedia hora. I’ve already been there to be honest, but I had never discovered it in such a way as this Saturday. My iHealth counted more than 21km and 36 000 steps that day! It’s a really lovely place, mostly visited by people owning chalets or estates in the summer time. But you can also find there a really nice restaurant (with typical Slovak food mainly), aquapark, ranch; or take a hike to another nice spot – Vinné lake located over the hill. More to see in the photos!


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