Unusual night in Strasbourg

Strasbourg’s student population keeps the city’s nightlife interesting, lively and current. The most common hotspots are gathered around the cathedral and along Rue des Juifs and Rue des Frères. However, other neighbourhoods, such as around the university campus and along the Ill are also worth a visit. In this last article about Strasbourg I’ll tell you about a few of them.

First of all…

Where to eat late?

  • Le Clou

Typical Alsatian dishes with main courses about 20€, open until midnight.


  • Au Brasseur

Offers more simple dishes like hamburgers and steaks, but also Alsatian specialties about 12€ for a main, open until 1am.


  • Le Tirebouchon

Local dishes that start from 24€, open until midnight.



And now onto the three of my most favourite pubs over there (now sounding like an alcoholic lol).

  • Académie de la bière

The relaxing Académie de la bière is open daily until 4am, serving more than 70 varieties of beer from France, Belgium, Germany in a cosy setting. It also offers some affordable and substantial snacks. For example excellent burgers are offered there!


  • Jeanette et les Cycleux

Fun, trendy and friendly; this bar is filled with retro biked, jukeboxes and vintage decor and serves a wide range of drinks and snacks. Stop by for a shake of cocktail, or order an appetising platter of charcuterie and cheese to go with your apperitif.


  • Les Frères Berthom

Les Frères Berthom is a classic, both with tourists and locals alike. Its unusual yet inviting atmosphere and long list of beers and cocktails would lure any passer-by. Throw in some friendly staff and a handful of snacks and you know you’re in for a good night.


Clubs in Strasbourg

Honestly I’ve never been to any, but I’ve heard only positive comments about these two, so here you are 🙂

  • Fat Cat PussyCat

In otherwise quiet street of Rue d’Austerlitz, Fat Cat PussyCat plays seriously hardcore funk, disco, hip-hop and deep house till 4am for a seemingly tireless group of night owls. The club also puts on the occasional live gig featuring everything from heavy metal to blues.


  • Le Rafiot

Join the relaxed party on this large barge moored on the River Ill, which becomes quite magical at night when the riverside glitters with lights. When you want a breather from the funk, soul and electro being played in the club, take in the river view from a large terrace.



Spots with live music:

  • La Laiterie

La Laiterie is one of the most popular sites for live music, with local and international bands performing on a regular basis. It also hosts a couple of festivals throughout the year – L’Ososphère for electro music or the Festival des Artefacts for a mix of folk, indie and rock.


  • Le Molodoï

This cavernous venue is the right place to discover the stars of tomorrow, as its emphasis is on giving young artists a showcase for all sorts of musical styles. When there isn’t a live performance, join the friendly crowd as DJs play a lively mix of electro and funk.


  • Salle Cheval Blanc

The Salle Cheval Blanc offers a variety of different shows throughout the year, with a particular emphasis on jazz performances as well as cabaret shows and film screenings. It’s set in a traditional half-timbered house, and its neighbouring restaurant serving local hearty dishes complements the night.


And if you’re not so into “student-like” nightlife and you want to spend a calm night, visiting for example Opéra National du Rhin, the theatres Le Point d’Eau, Espace Django Reinhardt, TJP Centre Dramatique National; interesting Cabaret Orinique or a humorous theatre club Espace K may be just for you.

Well, that was it for my Strasbourg guide throughout the whole day. I hope you found some useful information for your next trip to this lovely town there 🙂

Have a nice day!


oh yes, that’s my friend. I didn’t notice him at first :DD


La Petite France and abilities of my old phone to take photos at night:


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