EDMANIA festival 2018 – Day 1


Time flies. Waiting for this year’s EDMANIA was endless, to be honest. And the train journey…ah. But once I was accommodated and ready for the night waiting in a line to get to the venue…it felt like a second. I didn’t know how, and somehow it was already 5am and I had to leave to catch the bus.

Nevertheless, it was amazing. Just gorgeous. The day 1 was unbelievable. Here is a little insight to the both stages.

First things first…the lineup.


One would say, that the Day 2 looks more attractive. As for me, the Portal stage on the second day definitely wins the game, but I also love artists presenting themselves on the first day, so I can’t really choose which day was more juicy for me.

Thus let’s begin!


Trenčín at 8pm…although there are shuttle buses between the train station and the area, I chose to walk there. Why not? Trenčín is a beautiful town with idiomatic architecture, I really like it 🙂


Last year was the entrance arranged so bad, we have waited for more than 2 hours. But this year there were more terminals, so although it looks bad, I got in within 15 minutes.


This is the so-called ChillVille and the view to stage from there. I mean, the bean bags were a genious idea, but I prefer the under-stage view 😀


Jay Hardway, a Dutch DJ and producer mostly known for tracks Wizard, Spotless, Golden Pineapple, Electric Elephants and Wake Up was glorious. Way better than I expected.


Franky Rizardo on the Underground stage was also great…I even started to listen to him more after his set 😀


Sam Feldt, a Dutch DJ and producer known for tracks Show Me Love, Summer on You and many remixes was on mainstage right after Jay. He’s not my cup of tea, so I didn’t like him at all. But I suppose he was pretty good, too, from what I’ve heard from his fans.


UMEK, also on the underground stage, really surprised me and I unexpectedly spent whole hour there. He was just amazing.


Axwell & Ingrosso…I mean, I was speechless the whole set. At first I was afraid they’ll play mainstream songs, because you may have noticed, too, that they’ve released some (More Than You Know for example, that’s a perfect prototype of mainstream radio songs I don’t like)…but what really surprised me, it was like during the old good Swedish House Mafia times! They’ve created godlike mashups from old songs of both of them, and also used some SHM songs…it was divine. I’ve even cried at some point, when they used my favourite song (which is just an edit of one of them, Axwell, and it’s almost 10 years old by now). I’m definitely going to see them again!


Another gorgeous undergroung set, they really killed it!


And here comes my man…he’s more known for his dance “creations” and his DJing skills than for producing music. And as I expected, it was amazing. More than amazing, I just loved him. Definitely seeing him again asap 😀


I didn’t know those two before because I’m not so much into underground music, but I really enjoyed their set. I’ve been on them before and they rocked the stage once again this year, too.


The last one I’ve been to…MaRLo. He’s a trance musician and does not produce mainstream music, so maybe you’ve never heard about him. I know him well, and I was really looking forward for his set, because I’ve watched him live a few times before and it was always a hell of a show. And now again. He was a perfect choice for the “dawn” hours, because he pumped up the crowd.

Then I needed to leave to catch my bus. I was sleeping in Trenčianske Teplice – relax & culture  and this was the only bus in hours, so unfortunately I had to leave…


But seeing empty Trenčín felt so good! I love this town so much and this…ah, it was just magical. Perfect end of the night 🙂


And thaaat’s happy me returning back to my room. I was so excited! This has definitely been one of the best nights of my life, if not the most precious. Loved it!

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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