Trenčianske Teplice – relax & culture

Lovers of walks in parks and landscape of spas should definitely not miss out the little town of Trenčianske Teplice with wonderful setting in the Strážovské vrchy located just a few kilometres away from the historical district town of Trenčín in the Western Slovakia, also near by the Czech-Slovak border. It’s the situation amidst nature and its hot mineral springs, thanks to which it’s considered as the pearl of the Carpathians.

The legend has, that a limping shepherd discovered a spring when he was looking for a lost sheep. This story inspired the authors of the town’s coat of arms. It depicts the sheep, as you can see.


In the middle of the 13th century it was property of Hungarian Cseszneky de Milvány family, known as terra Teplicza. It’s been a spa site ever since. As early as the 16th century began, the spa was, thanks to the Paladin Štefan Zápľský, already known all around the Europe, and was considered as one of the most important sites for relax in whole Kingdom of Hungary. The spa was owned by the Illésházy, an aristocratic family of the Kingdom of Hungary, from 1582 onwards. In 1835, it was bought by the Viennese financier Jozef Sina, who developed the area. The spa was nationalised after the Second World War.

A hydroelectric power station was built here between 1886–1888 and began to supply the town’s streetlights as well as surrounding communities (Trenčianska Teplá, Košeca, Ladce) with electricity immediately. It also powered a special narrow-gauged public electric railway opened on 29 July 1909. The railway has a length of 5.9 km and connects Trenčianske Teplice with a railway junction at Trenčianska Teplá. It’s still funcionable today, although I’d recommend bus transport more, because it operates more often than the train.

The reputation of this spa derives of five medicinal springs of hot (36 to 40 °C) sulphur water that yield in total 22 litres of water per second. Amongst other medicinal products is also the sulphured mud. And what’s treated there? Well, besides fatigue also disorders of locomotion apparatus and neurosis.


from the above – not my photo

Architecture of the bath Hammam in the spa building Sina decorated in oriental style of Turkish bath from the end of the 19th century, above all its lavishly ornamented arcade is interesting. Hammam of Trenčianske Teplice is the copy of the original project of a summer residence in the Moorish style that architect Schmorantz prepared for an Egyptian governor. Iphigenia d’Harcourt, then the owner of the spa, saw its model at the World Exhibition of Paris and liked it. The Egyptian governor consented Iphigenias plea to use the replication of the structure for the spa building in Trenčianske Teplice.


Like the majority of major spas, Trenčianske Teplice became an important cultural centre with refreshing cultural events of national and international reputation. For instance, the Music Summer held in Trenčianske Teplice is the oldest international festival of chamber music in Central Europe. However, the most popular event now is the film festival titled Art Film, history of which is not old. It takes place every year in the second half of June since 1993. The best film wins the Gold Key and during the final ceremony, the Actors Mission is granted, it means that of the nominated actor imprints his palm on the Bridge of Fame in front of the Flora Hotel. During more than two decades of festival history, movie stars like Franco Nero, Gina Lollobrigida, Geraldine Chaplin, Annie Girardot, Sophia Loren, Ornella Mutti, Jean Paul Belmondo and others left their palm imprints here. This year it was moved to Košice, but another interesting event took place there, the Art in Park festival. It’s a unique art festival located in the English park – area with a little swan lake and romantic nooks, that connects film, music, theatre and fine arts accompanied by a rich cultural program. The Art in Park is designed basically for everyone – children, youth, families, lovers of quality film, music and art and even elder spa guests. This year, it took place from 21 to 24 June and visitors could find there 36 new movies, 11 concerts, 13 stalls with handmade products, 14 artistic decorative installations, theatre performances and many other accompanying activities.


The Art in Park festival

The Bridge of the Fame

As for the dining experience, there are many small, not too expensive restaurants all around the parade. My favourite one was definitely the Italian one. Great balance of price and quality.


I was probably too hungry to take a photo of the meal lol

And as for the accommodation, treatment packs are available in Hotel Pax, Hotel Krym, Hotel Flóra, Hotel Most Slávy and Hotel Slovakia, all five located right on the parade. Other hotels, such as Parkhotel na Baračke, Hotel Panorama and Villa Alantis offer luxury wellness packages, too, but not those classic 7 or 14 days treatment ones.

I stayed in Hotel Panorama for three nights because of an event in Trenčín nearby (everything in Trenčín was so full) and I don’t regret it…the price was, however, a bit high for a student, but it was definitely worth it. The only thing I regreat about this little trip is that I’ve been awake the whole night on the festival and then had to get an extra sleep during the day so I wasn’t able to spend more time in this gorgeous tiny town 🙂


my view


the garden restaurant and my hand oops


such an amazing range of meals for breakfast!


aaand finally the wellness!

Have a great day!

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