Coffee break in Vransko, Slovenia

After lovely fruity breakfast we’ve travelled further…and further…until I got quite strong lust for a good coffee! From my trip last summer I remembered tiny Vransko village near the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. There’s an amazing pizzeria in the so-called centre where gorgeous fresh coffee is brewed, but that’s not the only thing to do there.

Right next to the restaurant I’ve mentioned before sits one of the best motor museums in Slovenia; The Grom Motorcycle Museum (Muzej Motociklov Grom). The owning family’s got a pretty broad collection of motorcycles from all over the world, even the UNESCO Heritage List piece. Entry is 5€ each. I mean, I ain’t got a clue about any of those mo-bikes, but the male part of my family kept talking about it even several days afterwards, so I guess it was well worth the money. 😀

Otherwise there’s not much to do there. If you’re an architecture lover, you’ll be gratified there. Except pretty nice church are all around the town small yokelish houses, shacks and even the Slovenian wooden hay stackers “toplers” here and there.

Vransko is divided into two parts by Merinščica river. This may not seem as an interesting information at first, but it’s formed a beautiful channel through the whole village. It’s flanked by rich local plant vegetation and flower pots. And with conjunction with the rural buildings behind…it looks really nice, kinda reminds me of Plitvice settlements luke Rastoke or Slunj for example.

Nearby you can also find Žovnek lake and three old…well, basically ruins; Žovnek castle, Ojstrica castle and Gamberk castle. I haven’t visited any of them but I’d definitely like to spend some more time in Slovenia and visit them then.

Slovenia is a beautiful country. Vransko is just one of the endless number of examples proving it 🙂

Have a great day!

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