Staying in Marezige, Slovenia

Honestly there’s not much to do in the little, quite hard-to-find village located in the Southern Slovenia. Marezige is situated on one of many hill peaks of the local uplands between the worldwide appreciated “Vinakoper” vineyards, only 12 kilometres away from the 42 kilometres long Slovenian Adriatic coast. However, the distance looks way smaller thanks to the location 283m above the sea level and an accessible overview right by the main road. Although is there one architectural monument (the local parish church dedicated to Feast of the Cross) and a statue revolting against the Italian facism, Marezige is better as the source location for further travels than the attractive spot to look for because basically, everything is nearby.

Where to stay?

I stayed three nights in Holiday House Ida. We booked it via and I can’t complain about anything. The owners were very nice and kind (even gave us their tomatoes, cucumbers and lavender!), the house was clean and they didn’t even mind us leaving two hours later (we’ve asked if we might before). It’s located right next to the vineyard and fig field, that way there were too many mosquitos…but the supermarket is right on the corner of the street, so buying an anti-mosquito kind of thing like Raid for example is not a problem. Overally, it was one of the best accommodations I’ve ever been to, mostly due to the attitude of the owners. Loved it here 🙂

Trips from Marezige

  • Piran
  • Piran is a coastal town situated at the tip of the peninsula. It’s got quite a few nice architectural perks, for example churches, palaces or old colourful houses with arches lining steep cobbled streets, but four things to definitely look for are the belltower overview (you can see also the old Piran castle from there), the rocky road to the nuda beach (amazing view! the contrast between gray path, deep blue sea, light blue sky and yellow flowers is hilarious), the aquarim (some may consider it a waste of money, but I love fish and sea creatures so I really enjoyed it there) and the spaghetti vongole (spaghetti with clams). I’ll write more about Piran in the next article 🙂

Isola’s just a few minutes away from Piran. It’s got a huge marina, church towering above all other, even more colourful buildings in the city centre, amazing beaches in Simon’s Bay and guess what…patisserie with lacto-, gluten-, egg- and sugar- free ice-creams and cakes! Yummm

  • Koper
  • Koper’s quite a busy city, so if you’re not into crowded streets very much, I do not recommend you to visit it. It’s got so many interesing churches, buildings, fountains and palaces though, so it’s really a must-have during your visit in Slovenian Riviera. It’s even more magical in the night with all those shoppers and beach bars open and kids selling luminous thingy-majiggies and balloons. I haven’t visited it personally because I don’t like such crowds neither, but I’ve passed through it 🙂

Osp’s got one of the highest natural climbing walls, so it’s perfect for anyone interested in sports. I did not visit it, just read about it, so I can’t tell no more.

  • Škocjan caves
  • Well, I’m definitely gonna dedicate at least one full article to this, but to gather it quickly now…Škocjan is a settlement located around 40 kilometres from the coast, right by the highway. It’s got a large cave system underneath, as well as many touristic paths on the ground. That’s why it became such a big name between nature lovers from all over the world. You’ve got a few routes to choose from, depending on whether you want to spend there whole day or just a couple of hours. I chose the shortest one because I’ve had other things planned that day and I really liked it, definitely more than overpriced and overcrowded Plitvice lakes in Croatia 🙂
    Postojna cave

Another big attraction full of tourists, but well worth it. Some parts of the cave you go on foot, but some others you travel by a historical train. I was there three years ago and I don’t know if something has changed over the years, but I remember loving it and considering it a great experience.

  • Predjama castle
  • Literally carved to the giant rock above, Predjama castle is situated in a beautiful little valley between hills in the middle of pure Slovenian nature. The Predjama village is quite picturesque, too, and underneath the castle is also an ice cave and a waterfall. The castle is interesting both inside and outside. I visited it in one day together with Postojna cave and I remember getting some kind of valuable discount for taking these two attractions in a row and I guess it’s appliable also today. Definitely a must-have! (I ain’t got any photos in my new photo, but you can find some on my @heimwee2456 instagram; just ask for the request and I’ll accept it).

If you love horses, you’ll certainly love this town surrounded by meadows from each side. I haven’t been there because I…well…am afraid of horses, but I’ve heard only positive comments about this place.

  • Miramare castle
  • Located just a few kilometres away from the Slovenia-Italy border in Italy, this place looks like cut off from the fairytale. The castle itself is very nice both inside and outside, but those gardens, forests, ponds, waterfalls and many other smaller palaces and gazebos around…I loved it. Plus, what I was really surprised about; the rocks, white sand, pine trees and the crystal blue colour of the sea make the shore look like Phi Phi. I’m not joking! Just look at the pic…am I right??

Well, I practically haven’t been in this town although I saw basically everything. While heading to Miramare, we somehow (it wasn’t an intention though) chose the road from which we saw every single point of interest in this town: the main square, the main station, the palace buildings, the old parliament-like buildings, marina, Venice-like canals and some churches, too. Great, right? Hehe.

I’m far from listing everything interesting you can see I guess, but I’ve definitely listed everything I’ve ever visited and liked that’s located within 30 minutes off Marezige (thanks to great infrastructure). It’s been a pleasure for me to wander around this part of the world. I had high expectations (determined by my visit to the Slovenian Karst last year) and they had obviously been fulfilled. I’m already looking forward for my next visit there!

I hope you’ll enjoy it, too, if you’d decide to give Slovenia a chance. And don’t forget to try vongole along the way! 🙂

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Staying in Marezige, Slovenia

    1. I’m acrophobic, too, but I try to overcome my fear by visiting such places that, of course, need to seem 100% secure in my eyes. Škocjan caves, at least the road I chose, really were secure and there were always many ropes, railings and the protective glass, only the stairs were sometimes a bit slippery :/ and Postojna cave is even specialized for the disabled, so there are not any heights at all 🙂

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