Autumn begins!

Autumn…the most charming three months of the year, when conspicuous colourful leaves fall off the odd chilled trees and you can watch this panoply happening from behind a window, cocooned in a warmth of your blanket. It’s finally that time of the year, when no one will judge you for lighting a Christmas candle and you can finally try all those luscious looking recipes you’ve been craving for the whole summer (admit it, everyone lets go of a summer diet with the beginning of fall a little bit). The weather finally gets more bearable (at least for me – I hate hot and dry weather) and just, everything gets cosier. All the walks and all the trips are suddenly more beautiful. The life is immediately more beautiful!

 Be grateful, enjoy fall, enjoy life, and be ready for another article coming later today about legendary fall movies!

autumn day in Neuschwanstein, Germany

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