European Mobility Week 2018

European Mobility Week, which took place from 15th to 20th September ‘18 is a week dedicated to mobility in all of its forms. People around Europe abandon their vehicles and stretch their legs after an entire year of travelling in cars or buses, pull out dusty bikes from sheds, or finally use rollerblades, pennyboards or skateboards. Moving from place to place in the town isn’t really a big problem, but travelling between towns…yeah, that probably might be disputable. But I mean… we do owe it to the Earth, don’t we?

People from more than 2000 towns around Europe during those days used only vehicles which don’t destroy the environment, or for shorter distances just used their own legs. Simply, it was a week which was supposed to be car- and pollution- free. In large cities around Europe were closed the highways and roads, they were available only for public transport in order to honor these days and our Earth. Even the amount of functional stops and stations was reduced.

Everyone visiting for example Paris in one of these days were confused, because most of the people didn’t have a slight idea what might be happening when the bus driver kicked them off on the main station with just a faint explanation.

I agree with this kind of “event”, I would even like to see more of them! It might not be a big step forward in maintaining the enviroment, but still….the ideas and initiative of people organising and attending this is great, step by step it might get bigger and you never know, we’ll maybe live in a completely different world in a few decades!

Did you show some appreciaton to our planet Earth this week? 

Did you travel only by pollution free vehicles or you didn’t even know about this initiative?

Personally, I’ve been using the whole week only my bike, although I wasn’t feeling well. Well, turned out to be not such a great idea after all, I’m solemnly sick right now (pneumonia oops) and can’t leave my bed for another two weeks. At least I’ll have time to complete and publish a couple of new articles!

Actully I use bike all the time because I haven’t got a car, sometimes when the weather is nice and it’s not windy I like to take my bike, a blanket, some food and water and ride all the way to the sea shore (which is like…uh, 23km I guess!). Here are some photos from my last bike trip recently!

The first alinea is Schipluiden, second alinea to the left is Kijkduin, on the right side is Meijendel national park (and I think what might be considered as the highest hill over there? Who knows) and in the bottom is the most famous Dutch beach…Scheveningen!

Bikes, rollerblades or even your own feet might not be the best transport option all the time, but here’s my point: use it as much as possible! Not only that it’s great for our planet, but also for you if you want to maintain a good condition of your heart and limbs. And it’s definitely more fun than forcing yourself into running in the gym!

So, dear friends, how was your European Mobility Week 2018?

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