Snow and skiing all year round? Mölltaler Gletscher!

After eight minutes & nearly five kilometers and getting off the cable car at around 2,200 meters above the sea level, lies a whole different world. A refreshing change with pleasant temperatures, fresh clean air, no sound of traffic nor any smog or polluted atmosphere. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


The Gold Mine, the Europabar and the Weißseehaus are the first stops on your way to experience the famous 3000.


Here you gotta step over to another cable car. The onward journey with the 6-person gondola lift will take you to the mountain station with the panoramic restaurant Eissee at 2,800 meters above sea level, and the view everyone comes here for: the glacier and snow happening to be present even in the hottest months of the year.


By the way, the restaurant is way too expensive, the soup itself was 7 euros!


From here lead several paths for both proficient hikers or just sabbatical walkers. The most popular route along the glacier leads to the summit of a nearby lying hill Schareck (3,122m). This is just one of 14 different hiking opportunities and offers a magnificent view over the mountains of the Austrian High Tauern. The Sonnblick, the Großglockner and another 28 mountain giants from Carinthia, Salzburg, East Tyrol, South Tyrol, Italy and Slovenia form the impressive alpine setting for this excursion.
The return to the mountain station can then be made comfortably with the 6-seater chairlift Gletscher Jet.

When it’s time to take a break, look for a secluded place on the sunny terrace of the Glaspalast. Sun loungers invite you to linger and the mountains are a wonderful backdrop for the souvenir picture for the photo album at home.


The 8 larger and smaller lakes, such as the ice lake as the patron saint of the restaurant, the Weißsee and Schwarzsee, as well as the Hochwurtenspeicher, which takes its name from the Wurtenkees, characterize the panorama of the Mölltaler Glacier in summer. The lakes are used for generating electricity from hydroelectric energy, an environmentally friendly and inexhaustible source of energy. At the same time, they are also a wonderful resting place on one of the many hikes, where the viewer can admire the reflection of the Alps in the background in the mountain lake (in case of a nice weather, of course; for that I didn’t have a luck and ended up with rain and snow. Nevermind! It was a really rewarding experience anyways).

This glacier is just one of a couple of them that are to be found in Austria! If you’ve get the Carinthia Card (I’ve talked about it earlier here: Staying in Kleindorf, Austria ), definitely go for a glacier tour and use all the cable cars you get for free! It’s so magnifying!

Have a great day!

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