The Prater Amusement Park

Whether you’re looking for nostalgic rides, hair-raising roller coasters or gentler children’s entertainment, you are certain to find something in the Wurstelprater amusement park.

A fascinating world full of adventure, traditions and Viennese charm above all awaits visitors and guarantees entertainment for both young and old. Full of turbulent roller coasters, spooky ghost trains and attractions of all sorts  – there is hardly any other place in the world to challenge your senses in this intoxicating way. Trust me, no other place radiates energy as much as the Prater!


Prater is the oldest and largest Viennese luna park.

The space in which the Vienna amusement park occupies was once used an imperial hunting ground. It was firstly mentioned in a document in 1162 under the reign of emperor Friedrich I. In 1766 emperor Josef the II. donated the area to the people of Vienna. From this point on the Prater was accessible for everyone. Following to that bowling alleys, cinemas, cafés and merry-go-rounds were created. Many years later, when the park was well established, the giant ferris wheel, its most recalled attraction, was given as a present to Emperor Franz Joseph in celebration of his golden jubilee. It was designed by British engineer, Walter Bassett, whose creations include the Grande Roue de Paris.

You’ll spot the Ferris wheel, curving over the city skyline with its faded pillar box red wooden boxes, long before you reach the park since it towers nearly 60 metres in the air.

This is the right place to escape from the fairground noise for a short while. You can enjoy the impressive view over Vienna in a historical atmosphere and at a leisurely pace, along with a glass of champagne or whatever you pay extra for. Depending on the rush of people it could be necessary to line up until you can enjoy the ride which takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

But do not hesitate, just step aboard and imagine just how exciting this would have been for its first passengers, all the way back in 1897!


If you leave the historic Riesenradplatz with the Giant Ferris Wheel, Madame Tussauds and other family attractions behind, you will be immersed in a world of speed, lofty heights and state-of-the-art entertainment technology. Rides such as Turbo Boost, Ejection Seat, Free Fall or Space Shot ensure acceleration from 0 to 100.

And the 117-meter tall chair-o-plane, the Praterturm will let you fly around in circles, in about 100 m above the ground. If you dont get frightened by looking at it from the ground, you can have your seat in one of the 12 double seats and will then be lifted to dizzying altitudes. At the same time you are flying with approximately 60 km/h in rounds above the Prater. As soon as the fear gives way to the enthusiasm, you will be able to adore the unique view at the sea of houses and the several green islands in Vienna. A ride takes roughly 4 minutes, which may appear very long at a high anxiety level or too short at corresponding pleasure. I definitely recommend it, it was amazing!


The Black Mamba catapults the courageous through the air at 80 km/h. The ultimate adrenalin kick can be had on the Boomerang coaster, which travels forwards as well as backwards, and on two indoor roller coasters. And on warmer days, the water amusement feature Aqua Gaudi is the place to cool down.

Horror fans also get their moneys worth: On the virtual reality train The Clown, youll encounter fearsome “fun-makers” with the help of virtual reality glasses. Goosebumps are guaranteed on the spooky ride Hotel Psycho. And right opposite the Schweizerhaus, the undead are brought to life in a Zombie World.


The worldwide known Giant Ferris Wheel is quite sure one of the top targets for all tourists in Vienna and that with good reason.

The flower wheel, however, does not reach the dimensions of the Giant Ferris Wheel with its 45 meters, but especially the open and freely rotatable gondolas are perfect suitable to shoot gorgeous photo from the bird perspective. And it’s way les crowded than another wheel, what I find as another pro! In the dark is this flower wheel colorfully illuminated with countless LED lamps and offers pure romance. A ride with this alternative to the Giant Ferris Wheel takes about 5 minutes and is also fairly cheaper, only 2€ per person.


Just a stones throw from the Prater, ViennaFlight offers the only Airbus simulator anywhere in Austria. There you can take an exclusive flight of your choice in the faithfully reproduced cockpit of an A320, accompanied by a real pilot. Whats more, ViennaFlight also has a simulator for a Boeing 737 NG in its fleet. Registration is required. I didnt manage to get here, but its a #1 on my must-have list!

While the full season runs between 15th March and 31st October the Giant Ferris Wheel and many other attractions are open throughout the year, actually only a couple of them (including the Praterturm and water ones) are closed. The entrance to the Prater itself is free, however, you can buy a combination ticket with which youll be able to save some money on the attraction entries.

Also, morever, the Viennese Prater offers a chance to celebrate the New Years Eve with waltzes, good Wiener schnitzels and champagne over there. Sounds interesting, right?

All in all, I find this theme park one of the most important must-sees in Vienna.


cup of a hot tea is a must-have in this season, too


Apart from numerous unique experiences, youll get to see Vienna from a different angle and get to know Viennese culture more. Mostly during events such as the Halloween night, when entire Vienna population gathered there leaving no space for tourists!


Have a great day!

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