2018 has been the best year of my life so far. Im beyond grateful for everyone who made this year so special, for everyone who helped me through my “downs”, for everyone whos been reading my creations.

Lets have a closer glance into my 2018 now!


  • saving money for further travels



  • same, I spent every single free day in work
  • the only interesting thing here was visiting the Andy Warhol Museum in his hometown Medzilaborce



  • okay so this is where things get interesting, the first week we spent in the mountains in Slovakia skiing. It was freezing cold all the time, some days we couldnt even go outside. But I loved it, I love snow!
  • then I visited the city of Krakow and two concentration camps: Oswiecim and Brezinka
  • the last couple of days (The Easter) we spent by Balaton, in the town of Siófok (where we stay each Easter). We visited many towns we havent visited before, like Tapolca, Tihany or Zámardi





  • since the Easter holidays took place from late March until early April, the Hungary trip lasted this long, I guesstimate…huh…until 2nd April
  • Ive had a little trip all by myself to two lakes nearby, Zemplínska Šírava and Vinné. I also ended up shopping in the nearby lying city of Michalovce. How expected!





  • in early May, me and my best friend decided to do some hiking in the local nature
  • later on we went to the city of Košice, to visit some cultural spots we actually never visited before because, well, who visits Slovak towns for sightseeing? Weve just been using it as a great place for shopping for years
  • late May was pretty good, we visited Hallstatt in Austria, Strasbourg and the European Parliament in France, Switzerland and Nice in France





  • we began this AMAZING month in Nice, going for a walk at 3am
  • then we visited a handful of other beautiful places on the French Riviera: Saint-Tropez, Port Grimaud, Cannes, Éze and Monaco
  • late June was GORGEOUS since I went to the city of Trenčín (yup, that festival again, youll remember it if you follow my travels for a little longer), visited a lovely spa village of Trenčianske Teplice and moreover, got to see my absolutely most favourite artists in the entire world! I was completely exhausted afterwards but it was just……ah. The festival was 2 days long, and the first night, when the concert of my favourite music group took place, was definitely the best night of my life, even though it was freezing and I didnt really guess the weather well and had only a soft sweatshirt on. Nevermind!
  • another perfect thing about this month was its total ending: just me and my two best friends in a mountain chalet, surrounded by all of our favourite food!





  • the first week of the month I spent by my grand-aunt, in my most favourite place in the world: the tiny village of Michalok. Ive done a lot of hiking, a lot of running, and watched Ultra Europe live. Huh. The last one wasnt relatable and interesting at all, but just so you know….if you know, you know 😀
  • in the mid July the real adventure begins! Starting off in Balatonboglár and moving through Vransko as usual, this was the beginning of something bigger. We stayed in a Slovenian village of Marezige (with a huuuuuuge statue of Stalin in the middle of the local square – interesting!) and dedicated the first week to discovering Slovenia and very nearby lying Italy. Weve explored Piran, Koper, Isola and Škocjan NP, as well as Miramare palace in Italy
  • in the very end of Croatia we moved to Umag in Croatia (which was like 2km behind the border, huh), where weve spent 8 days just relaxing





  • okay, you know me, I cant just stay on one place for a week, already the second day of August has been dedicated to a boat trip, id est fish picnic, and we explored the coastal towns of Rovinj and Poreč, and had a dinner comprised of bruschetta, fish and greens in Lim Fjord
  • the next 5 days after leaving Umag were dedicated to the Austrian Alps – from our gauge point (Kleindorf) we did some hiking around Flattach, Möltaller Gletscher, Goldeck and Seetalnock; visited a couple of places around Wörthersee lake (Maria Wörth, Pyramidenkogel, Villach) and had a chance to see the largest train models collection in the world in Spittal an der Drau (its actually free!). Oh, and I tried bathing in the Alpine piscines, and ended up with a flu. Ideal!
  • I guess spending twenty days at home would do me no good, so as soon as I saw KLM having huuuge discounts, I bought a return ticket for myself to Amsterdam from all the money I had left from my job as a saleswoman (secret revealed, woah!). So basically I spent three days at home (and three nights at the local festival), then went to see my grandpa to Krupina, and flew away to the Netherlands for the resting two and half weeks
  • okay, honestly, theres not much to see for me in the Netherlands, since Ive managed to see a lot already, but we still found some places where I havent been before: Utrecht and Breda. We used my lovely aunts discounts for trains, so we travelled across the entire country for free, both!!
  • Ive never had a fair tour around…well, lets call it “my own” city, so we fixed this and did that 7 wonders of Delft, Netherlands photoshoot, remember? Ive also visited Den Haag, Rdam, Adam, and also used to perfect weather to cycle around the Zuid-Holland region





  • started off the month in Adam, with the station shooting. Nah, just kidding, I havent been a part of it. I mean, I was there, but not in the moment of shooting, just passed there few moments before. I had luck
  • again, I spent two days by my grandpa when going back home, just so I can start the new school year with a big pomp, exhausted from so much touring. But I loved it
  • September itself hasnt been so interesting, Ive only visited the capital of Slovakia Bratislava for a day





  • right in the beginning of the month, me and my best friend visited a couple of spots in the Northern Slovakia: Červený Kláštor (oh, we also went to Poland to buy some goodies), Vyšné Ružbachy and Stará Ľubovňa
  • last day of October I spent in Vienna exploring the city centre with my mom. It was spectacular!





  • the first two days of this month we spent exploring Vienna and its surroundings – Schönbrunn, Belvedere, Prater, etc.
  • the rest of the month Ive spent trying to earn some money – succeeded!





  • last but not least, December is here! We visited three spectacular Christmas markets, and let me tell you, how amazing this has been!
  • first off – Strasbourg. Ive been there countless times, but it still gets me, its just picturesque. Weve also had some action, the first news about the shooting started popping up a couple minutes after we crossed the border! Crazy
  • we spent the night in the monastery in Bühl in Germany (yes, monastery!), what was actually a pretty great experience (mostly being woken up at 5am by church bells). We also visited the local Christmas markets, and honestly, I liked them more than those in Strasbourg, they were so cosy!
  • next up on my list was Michalok, and visiting Christmas markets in Krakow with my grand-aunt afterwards. I loved it, I love all my visits to Michalok since she’s a pretty great cooker. Kidding. I love her. And that trip was amazing! It was freezing cold all the time, so our tour around the sights didnt take much time nor effort (just simply Wawel, Rynek Glowny and the forts). But it was good nonetheless, I think I enjoyed these markets the most, they were so atmospheric! So lovely



Im not sure but I think this is it! Do you remember my last Yearly overview with my plans? I was sure about nothing, and look how many places I was able to see! Im so grateful for these opportunities.

And now to the part I wager everyones been looking forward for: MY PLANS FOR THE FUTURE!

So, next year is gonna be a little chaotic since Im having my entrance exams to the further education, but still: Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands are sure now, Im excited whats gonna pop up later! Im sure with one thing, I gotta get to a couple of shows of my favourite artists and you know me…Im gonna achieve it no matter what! 😀

Lets hope the next year is gonna be as great and full of opportunities as this one!

I wish you a lot of fortune, health, success and love to the next year!

Have a great day! ❤

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