Curiosities in Bratislava, Slovakia

As in many other cities, also in Bratislava you can find curiosities that arent to be found anywhere else in the world. Theyre all worth visiting one by one, trust me!

Schöne Náci hadnt been any significant historical personality, only a man who always used to walk around the town in elegant suit and a bowler hat back in 20th century, always with a smile on his face. And so the Bratislava residents decided to immortalize him!


Čumil is a unique sculpture glancing at you from a ditch. due to unaware drivers, who had it broken down twice, it now owns a road sign with ,,Man at work” on it, so everyonell notice it at time.



Napoleónec is a bronz sculpture of Napoleons soldier relying on the bench on the Main square.



Posmievačik is an unusual fretwork in the shape of tiny naked man, situated on a facade of one building in the Old Town. It was created as for a parody of curious neighbour who always monitored whats new in the house of his neighbours.


Well without the water – this well was meant to supply the Bratislava castle, but despite the fact that they dug below the level of the Danube river, the diggers were stopped by 3,2 metres high granite layer. If they would be able to break through it, they would get to a reservoir fed directly from the Alps.


The narrowest house in Slovakia is also most likely to be the narrowest house in the whole Europe, too. It is only 130cm wide and beforehand it used to be a corridor between the houses, just later it was rebuilt into this form.



Sculpture of St. Martin – this was actually one of the first sculptures to be created in the centraleuropean statuary. Its situated inside the St. Martins Church.

D7 Statue of St. Martin


Fountain of Union – Družba fountain on the Square of Freedom /Námestie slobody/ was years ago full of water, but now it is a huge sandpit where are always dozens of children playing there with their toys. Width of the fountain is 45m!


And thats by far not everything Bratislavas got to offer you! You can find a full ultimate guide right here: Ultimate Bratislava Guide. Enjoy your time in Slovakia!

Have a great day!

//ftc, some of the photos are not mine, all the rights go to their owners!

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