An Update.

If you have been following my travels (and practically my entire life) for a while, you might have probably noticed that sometimes I take a break and dont post anything worthy for a while. And that is, basically, main reason of my recent inactivity on this blog. Last two months have been a little bit rough for me, I couldnt find any motivation for anything I was doing and spent entire January and February just either sleeping or watching some kind of a TV show. I could be doing so many useful things instead, however, I was absolutely demotivated and depressed. I couldnt even force myself to write anything, just very hardly!

Therefore I decided to change the concept of my blogs a little bit. Im travelling to Greece today and since I already know that I just wont be able to process everything Ive learnt into guides, Ill change it up a little bit and do daily updates with all the new photos Ive taken. Is it called vlogging…? I dont know. I hope you dont mind. See you tomorrow!

In the meantime you can follow my journey on my new instagram called @_asequibles! Ill try to share absolutely everything on my stories!


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