Schwechat & my first impressions of Thessaloniki

Hello everyone!


I’ve been awake since 4:40am. Nice! But to be honest I’m actually really grateful for having slept at least for those 6 hours since all of my comrades haven’t closed an eye during the entire night. You know, Slovak trains, sometimes it feels like as you were in the middle of the battlefield. But nevermind, I’m tryina stay positive (as if anything else was possible after a Venti Caramel Macchiato I had for breakfast) since I’m about to enter a land I’ve always wanted to visit.

As for my thoughts about the Schwechat airport (the largest Austrian airport), I love this place. It’s neither huge nor small, just the perfect size and you’ll get anywhere from here. And as for me personally….it feels like a gateway to heaven, since I’m not a really patriotic human being and I like to travel outside my homeland a lot. The first time I used Schwechat on my own I was 14 years old. It was one of the best days of my life, I felt so intellectual and mature! Since than I…well, I don’t use it on daily basis since I’m still a student, but whenever there’s a chance to fly somewhere, I always choose Schwechat. If you were interested in visiting Central Europe, I highly recommend you this airport!


I absolutely love flying! Particularly the take-off, it makes me feel so enthusiastic! And sitting by the window while listening to your favourite music (Swedish House Mafia at Madison Square Garden, 16.12.2011 – absolutely recommended by me)….that’s the best feeling in the world for me!


We landed safely and went over for a dinner immediately. Thessaloniki seems to be a very busy town. And the traffic! No one follows any rules.

As for the dinner, I got a Mediterranean Burger with homemade French Fries and some Greek salad. I didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be pretty tasty! We also had an amazing view over the sea, that was definitely my most favourite thing about that restaurant.

After really tough way to the household of the family I’m gonna be staying with this week, I discovered my new most favourite sweet in the world: kurkubina. Kurkubina is a tiny roll of pastry dipped in honey with a dash of cinnamon on top. It was the love on first taste for me….honestly.

Now we’re about to go hit the beach, I’ll share the rest of the day with you later!

Have a great day!

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