Beautiful sunny day in Thessaloniki

Hello everyone!


It’s finally sunny and warm outside after those two freezing cold cloudy days and I’m so happy about that! We’ve just got a lift to school and since we were a little bit late today, the roads were even more busy and hence the traffic situation was even more terrible than yesterday. One narrow road, four cars, four different directions. I thought traffic in the Netherlands with all the bikers and cars is crazy, but here it seems just absolutely out of control. But since the sun is coming out and it’s supposed not to disappear until my leave, I’m very positive about everything and I feel great. I’m finally seeing that Greece which everyone loves!


It’s been such a great day! Let me guide you through everything step by step.

After gathering in the school we went to the Techno Park Noesis, where we spent a couple of hours. The exhibitions (an exposition of cars, ancient Greek reminiscences and ancient Chinese technical inventions) was fine, moderate I’d say, but the part with some random scientific playthings with which you can play around was just hilarious. We had so much fun in there! I’ve got only some videos so I can’t show you, but you can look it up on my @_asequibles Instagram in the “March” highlight!

Afterwards we were headed to the Cinema Museum, where we had a chance to make a movie in front of the green screen, discuss the history of cinemas and watch a 3D movie about the Lumières.

Later on paraded along the coast, enjoyed the sea views, took dozens of photos and finally, took a bus sightseeing tour around the entire city of Thessaloniki (which takes about 50′ and costs 2€ by the way). I also learnt that local tangerines taste absolutely differently than those imported to Slovakia in late November.

When I got home, generosity of the Greeks showed itself once again. A plate full of fresh fish, baked potatoes and tomato salad was waiting only for me! Oh, have I mentioned my obsession with the sea creatures? I love them, and this….yum. Do I have to mention that they tasted way better than those bought ones that we have in Slovakia?

To burn some calories from this gigantic lunch-dinner, I went to walk a dog. And not gonna lie, also to take some photos since I can’t get enough of the sea and those few hours in the morning were simply not enough for me. The strong cold winds made us turn around and head back home, sadly. But the views I had in those few minutes we spent walking…amazing. I really like this town, I can’t compare it with anything I’ve experienced before.

After returning the doggo back home I went to a grocery shop to get some Greek sweets. I didn’t particularly look for the popular traditional candies like loukomia, nougat, halva, the honey candies or the mandorlas, I’ve tried all of this before. I decided to take it differently: I walked around some shops and created a list of things that I encountered repeatedly and have never seen anywhere else before, and then one-by-one bought them (after comparing the prices haha, obviously). And here’s what I got: the flavoured oatmeal biscuits (I saw they come in various flavours, I liked this one the most), fruit jelo mixtures (same as before, cherry seemed the most intriguing to me), the sesame and honey biscuits and tangerine- and lemon- flavoured dark chocolate. Tomorrow I’m willing to look for some more Greek food items, and then buy a huuuge pack of kurkubina which I mentioned you two days ago, so I’ll have a proper stock until I return to Greece the next time.


I’m currently sampling another Greek dish: the soutzoukakia – aromatic meatballs in a tomato sauce. I’m enjoying it so far, as well as the rest of other traditional dishes I’ve tried. Oh, and about yesterday…..I just got some great old baguette for the dinner, nothing to write home about.

That was it for my today’s update, tomorrow I’ve got to experience many other interesting things like workshops and stuff, I’ll keep you updated!

Have a great day!

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