Workshops all day long & sunsets

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Today’s been a great day. I didn’t expect it to be particularly intriguing since I’m not really into robotics but it was so different from everything I’ve tried before that I enjoyed it a lot in the end.

We started our day in Pamak – University of Macedonia, where we spent three hours first creating the lego robots and then writing the instructions for them (into their code). We also attended a physics lecture afterwards. It was nice, but overally it didn’t leave a good impression in me since the building was just….apart from the extremely dirty toilets….the students were smoking right inside the buildings, I was so shocked! How can this be tolerated in a school titled as “university”? I’m a very tolerant person, but this…woah. I don’t know if it’s just a culture shock for me and this is a common sight here or if some people are just unprincipled? Anyway, it was too much for me, I was really happy to leave the school even though the lecture was great before.

Later, after a tasty lunch (souvlaki and soutzoukakia) we were headed to the campus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where we attended another workshop. We were divided into four groups of ten persons and had a chance to:

1. try the mind control – thanks to the artificial intelligence move objects just with our minds.

2. try fulfilling tasks in virtual reality – I got to be in situation with a patient (me being the surgeon) and since 90% of the words were Latin….I failed it. Nevermind.

3. evolve our cognitive skills – with some specially designed games.

4. research our physical abilities – we tried to fulfill some tasks with Kinect, e.g. fill the basket with apples, catch the fish etc.

All in all, I found workshops in AUOT more interesting, since the personnel seemed more like….as they loved what they were doing. In Pamak, the lady was unbelievingly unwelcoming and morose. Plus the environment at the second place seemed more pleasurable.

Later on I went to walk a dog down a 5.4 kilometres long promenade by the sea. It begins at the very end of Kalamaria district and ends by the White Tower. Under the Zongolopoulos Umbrellas I ran into one dog lover and let me tell you, I’ve never met anyone who’s be so nice towards a stranger with a dog. We had a great talk, it felt kinda relieving to be able to talk to someone who you’ll never see again. Anyway, the weather was very favourable during the walk, so here are some photos, enjoy!

That was it for today, tomorrow is gonna be really interesting as well, I’m already looking forward! I’ll keep you updated about everything as always!

And in the meantime….have a nice day! 🙂

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