Past tense – my Swedish progress!

God kväll!

Hello everyone and welcome back here on my blog! It’s been quite a long time since I published something. It was a tough week and I’m really sorry about that. Anyway! Tomorrow I intend to start writing a travel diary again, April is gonna be so thrilling, I’ll be doing something very interesting every single day! Currently I’m travelling to the Netherlands, the first stop is gonna be Keukenhof. Since I have a lot of spare time, I decided to share with you my progress tonight while listening to the sweet tunes of Alesso’s Ultra Miami 2019 set. If you’re into progressive house music, I recommend you that one! Anyway, let’s begin!


Jag har en blå tröja och ett par prickig byxor på sig. Jag också har röda strumpor på sig.

Oskar har ett par shorts, vita strumpor, vita gympaskor och en randig T-shirt på sig. Han har ocskå en hatt och i handen har han en kort jacka.

Emma har ett par vita jeans, en randig skjorta och en svart kappa på sig. På fötterna har hon höga stövlar. Hon har också en prickig halsduk och en prickig mössa på sig.

Maria har en T-shirt och en blommig kjol på sig. På fötterna har hon sandaler. I hennes hand har hon en väska.

Erik har en svart kostym på sig: byxor och kavaj. Under kavajen har han en vit skjorta och en rutig slips. Han har också ett paraply i sin handen.


I have a blue sweatshirt and a pair of trousers with dots on. I also have red socks on.

Oskar is wearing shorts, sneakers with white socks and striped T-shirt. He’s holding a jean jacket in his hand.

Emma is wearing a pair of white jeans, striped shirt and black coat. On her feet she has a pair of high boots. He also has a scarf and hat with dots on.

Maria is wearing a T-shirt and a floral skirt. On her feet she’s wearing sandals. She’s holding a bag in her hand.

Erik is wearing a black suit: trousers and a blazer. Underneath the blazer he has white shirt and striped tie. He’s holding an umbrella in his hand.

Min dag

Imorse jag steg upp klockan 6:30. Jag tvättade mina tänder, duschade och tog några kläder på sig. Vad för kläderna? Jag hade svarta byxor med blå-vit randig skjort idag. Sedan åt jag frukost och min mamma körde mig till skolan. I skolan jag studerade till klockan 1 och sedan jag gick hem. Jag gjorde mina läxorna, tittade på teve och läste svenska. Klockan 4 lagade jag min mat och hjälpte min bror med engelska för han har en tenta imorgon bitti. Nu jag läser svenska igen.

My day

This morning I woke up at 6:30. I brushed my teeth, took a shower and put on some clothes. What clothes? I had on black pants with blue-white striped shirt today. Then I ate breakfast and my mom gave me a lift to school. I was studying in school until 1pm and then I went home. I did my breakfast, watched TV and studied Swedish. At 4pm I prepared my meal and helped my brother with English because he has an exam tomorrow. Now I’m studying Swedish again.

So as you can see, the previous two lessons were about clothes and past tense. I think I’m quite good in it, Swedish language does not have many irregular verbs (thanks god) so I can’t really make mistakes in this. In the lesson I was busy with today I was learning about adjectives and adverbs (grammar) and in the next one I’m supposed to learn the past perfect tense….well I’m definitely curious how is it gonna be like because while in some language it’s pretty easy (Dutch, English), in e.g. French it’s horrible and I still have no idea how to use it, even after three full years of French courses. I hope Swedish is not that dissimilar to Dutch in this way….we’ll see.

I won’t really have much time for studying in April (and I’m very sad about that), but I’ll try to do my best to continue further and more importantly, not forget anything I’ve learnt so far. But on the other hand, so many new articles from my journey are coming, I’m so excited!!!

Have a great day!


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