Spring in Košice, Slovakia

Hello everyone!

I’m back here with another fresh article about the third day of the Erasmus+ project meeting in Snina, Slovakia. Now we’re moving a little bit more to the West, to the second largest and most inhabited city of Slovakia, Košice.

First of all (since education is on the first place), the workshops. We visited University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik, its scientific faculty to be more specific. We were divided into three groups and we visited labs of physics, geography and biochemistry one by one. I mean, I’ve never been into this so I didn’t like any of these workshops nor their spirit. You know, it’s a university and we’re (almost) all international students of the last grade. So yeah, they all started with show-off of some labs, products and techniques, however, all also finished with convincing us to apply for this school. I mean, I totally understand them, but my personal opinion is, that it wasn’t necessary. It totally cancelled my opinion about this school. Nevermind.

( DNA )

Later on we moved on to the city centre. On the way we passed by this statue of a naked man (Maratónec) and the National Scientific Museum, where we were also supposed to go, but we were in a rush and didn’t make it there. Anyway, as for the city centre. You can’t really find there any particular sights, it’s an architectural gem itself. It’s been declared the largest UNESCO Heritage site of its kind. The Main Square has a longish shape and it’s enclosed by rows of Gothic buildings. Nearby lying streets are cobbled, narrow, and also in Gothic style. In the middle of the square there’s St. Elisabeth Cathedral and National Cathedral, both very precisely decorated with Gothic features. You can enter the cathedral for free and climb up its highest tower for symbolic fee of 2€. As for the theatre, you can either pick a play and experience its magnificence like that, or you can order a guided tour around the site. Its interior is truly unique and beautiful, full of golden details. Notice especially the ornamental ceiling. Between these two monuments there’s a museum of puppets and puppet theatre, and a tiny park with singing fountain. Sweet tunes from this fountain make this place even more epic.

However, we didn’t spend much time in the city centre, we were too hungry for that. I suggested my Cypriot friend one all you can eat restaurant and she seemed really intrigued by this idea, so we went there. Now let me tell you a little bit about this restaurant. Its name is Fusin and it’s situated on the third floor of Aupark shopping centre located at the far end of the Main Square. You get to pick there from various kinds of meat, fish, side dishes, salads, vegetarian dishes, sweet dishes, pizza, cakes, ice-cream, fruit….if only the beverages were included in price of 7.20€ as well. And the staff was more friendly. It’s been my favourite restaurant for about three years now, but I’ve never spotted a nice waiter there. I’ll give it 9/10 nevertheless, because the food is just excellent. Plus you can eat as much as you want and spend up to 3 hours time there, that’s another advantage. I definitely recommend it!

Afterwards we felt a cup of tea would be a good idea, so I led us to my most favourite café in the world. It’s called Halmi, it’s situated in one old building and it’s the most stylish, hippie and spiritual café I’ve ever been to. Its calm and tranquility are just…ah, I wish to have a chance to be there more often! Plus it’s like a raw/vegan style of place. They offer all kinds of beverages and cakes, however, my most favourite ones are teas and lemonades. Usually I get something from the wide offer of tasty colourful lemonades since normally I visit Košice only in the summer time, however, this time I went for the tea. I got some kind of Japanese flower tea and it was really interesting, I’ve never tried anything like that before. It’s a tiny bit more expensive, but it’s definitely worth a visit, at least for the atmosphere, which is just magical.

You can easily find many other gastronomic heavens alongside the main square as well, however, I wanted to show you my two favourite ones. Actually, I like them so much, that in last three years I haven’t given a chance to any other enterprises (I probably should have).

Anyway, the last stop was Steel Park, situated only a few minutes away from the city centre. Honestly, I expected it to be a boring museum about steel, but it turned out to be absolutely amazing. The history of production of steel in this region was displayed in such a creative way, that even I was surprised. Just wow. Also, this year they’re hosting a temporary exhibition with illusions of all kinds (Klamárium), I can only praise this one! The ticket is only about 3€ to the steel exhibition and 1€ to Klamárium if I remember correctly, so if you’re wandering around….go there. It’s worth it. I didn’t believe it, but I changed my mind.

That was about it for today. We saw and experienced many thrilling (and less pleasant) things, had some great food, had a great time. If only we had more time! Tomorrow is the final day of this final meeting, it went too fast for me! And as always, I’ll keep you updated with everything.

Have a great day!

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