Paris DAY 1: Disneyland!

After 25 hours in the bus (yeah, you read it right – we had to travel 25 hours before reaching our final destination) we finally arrived to Disneyland. It could be around 8am in the morning and the weather was a bit chilly. But who cares? We were about to fulfill our dreams from the childhood!

Even though the food in there is extremely expensive and waiting in lines is sometimes longer than one hour, we enjoyed every single ride and basically the whole day. Which rides were best for us?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril — an epic roller coaster located in Adventureland (sub-section of Disneyland park). It’s based around the popular flick Indiana Jones and takes you on a high speed train ride. There are lot of fast turns and dips as you zoom past jungles and temples.

Crush’s Coaster —  I love the movie “Finding Nemo” and this ride is based around that turtle called Crush. The visual experience is simply amazing and your cart will swirl around moving from one place to another in jiffy.

Space Mountain, Mission 2 — another big thrill ride and surely one of the best for adrenaline lovers. You get the entire out of the world experience when you set off in outer space in a rocket – yes, that’s right – a rocket. Ever imagined how would you feel if you are sitting tight in a rocket set off to hit outer space at the speed of light? Well, this is the exact experience which you will get (not at the speed of light, though). The ride is set in dark and the light and sound effects add to its charm.

Phantom Manor — are you in the mood for goosebumps ? Well, then is this your attraction. It’s an eerie huge manor decorated amazingly with, well, really creepy stuff! The setting and live actors are great and you are literally transformed from stepping into a dining room to a room of horrors. It’s not that scary but the setup is just amazing.

Tower of Terror — okay, this is not for the faint hearted. I could hear people screaming from outside, so I decided to keep this ride for the very end – you know, in case I get sick and have to be rushed back home. It was a wrong decision – when I went once, I just “had” to go again. I did this ride twice. That’s how much I loved it. The whole setting is simply extraordinary. You enter a hotel, which seems abandoned with the cobwebs and stains everywhere. Then, a concierge comes to greet you (live actor) who will narrate a chilling tale. Everything adds to the thrill and tension and you can feel the goosebumps as you rise high to the 13th storey in a lift. And then – the lift drops. It’s a free fall and you can feel your heart jump out of your chest. Remember the giddy feeling in the tummy you get in ferry wheels? That’s how you feel there…except the fact it’s faster and after the first drop – it doesn’t stop – it drops again. When the ride is over, the concierge comes and counts if everyone in the “lift based ride” is still alive and breathes a sigh of relief. Excellent concept and perfect implementation!

Pirates of the Caribbean — based on the Disney movie of the same name, this ride is set in a dark dungeon full of pirates. With one huge drop, some loud sounds and amazing decoration, this ride is totally enjoyable. Honestly my most favourite one.

Star Tours — another excellent concept for a ride. I was so impressed by the planning and effort put into this one. Based on the popular George Lucas flick Star Wars, this is a motion stimulated ride. Something like an 8D experience, only better.

Other fun but not so thrilling rides were It’s a Small World, Buzz Lightyear laser blast & Toy Soldier’s Parachute Drop – highly recommended after you are done with the list above.

Apart from these, Walt Disney studios Paris had an array of awesome shows like Motor stunt show and Animagique – both very unique and interesting.

Another great experience was the Disney parade – they had it in the morning and evening – both times, it was a must watch spectacle with people peeping from sidelines and our favorite Disney characters coming to life.

Well, we got there by private bus, but getting there by car, plane or train is, of course, possible too. Airport is just 32km away, train stops right in front of the entry and parking lot contains 10 000 spaces for cars. Great, right? Another good reason to visit it, haha!

In the evening around 9pm we arrived to Paris, accommodated in one of Ibis Budget hotels (the best option for traveling! Very clean, nice, cheap and located in almost every European town), unpacked and after a loong exhaustive day finally wen to sleep 🙂




Have a great day!

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