The Travel Tag!

So the other day I’ve been thinking about a fact that no one actually knows anything about me. “Tag” crossed my mind as first and also the best way for you to get to know me a bit and because it’s a travel blog, I come to you with THE TRAVEL TAG!

Questions are translated from a Dutch blog, feel free to use them with my translation, too. I tag everyone to complete this task! 🙂


Which countries of the world have you already visited?

Slovakia (that’s where I live), Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Luxembourg, Turkey & in the next 12 months I’m going to add Monaco, Greece, Denmark, Romania and Malta 🙂 maybe even more, I don’t know yet, but these trips are already planned.


Which destination is the number one of your bucket list?

Well, my number one is definitely Camino de Santiago (read my last article if you’re interested in that, too: Christian pilgrimages), but an exact destination…Rodrigues island probably! Another few countries I’d love to pay a visit to are Peru, Cuba, Colombia, India, South Africa, Bali and New Zealand (all of those more like dream destinations hahah). But for now at least Lisabon, Sankt Peterburg, Moscow, Israel (Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv), Ibiza and traveling around whole Italy (again, I just loved it).


What is your most ideal holiday?

Me and someone who I love renting a car, not caring about our final destination and living our life to the fullest. Not any schedule, stopping just where we would like it, sleeping maybe in tents if nothing was found. Eating lots of local fruits and vegetables. Spontaneous ideas. That’s it.


Which place do you think was so special that you would love to return there sometimes?

As I have already mentioned…I would love to travel Italy all around again, but I also loved the Netherlands and I’m thinking about moving there after school.


Show us your nicest holiday photo!

Not anything special, just an evening spent with my loved ones in a random beach we randomly found and later found out that we were in Mazzanta (Italy).



Have you ever travelled from work somewhere? If yes, where?

If exchanging programmes are counted?


With whom are you mostly going on trips?

Friends, parents, alone.


With whom would you like to go on a vacation once?

Just those exact friends I mentioned earlier.


Who or what would you take with you to an inhabited island?

Who? Some of my family members and my already twice mentioned group of close friends. What? Running shoes, lil notebook, pencil, photo camera and many many books.


Have you already been on vacation in the Netherlands? If yes, where?

I have lived there. In Delft, but that time I had travelled around whole country.


Would you rather go to an amusement park or a zoo?

That’s a hard one, I love both.


Would you rather go on a ski- or a sun vacation?

Depends on my mood 😀 During winter I often really want to run away someplace nicer and warmer, but in the summertime when it’s extremely hot and dry in my country (and basically in all other European countries too due to the global warming), I’d go skiing really badly.


What is your nicest holiday memory?

Summer vacations in Croatia with my parents and grandparents when I was a little child.


What is your least nice holiday memory?

Hmm I think I have a lot…you know, misunderstandings etc.


Which country (countries) are you planning to visit this year?

In thirteen days I’m leaving for a week and so and I’m planning to visit Hallstatt, Strasbourg, Provence, Côte d’Azur, Monaco and Northern Italy.

On 22-24 June I’m visiting Slovak town of Trenčín (accomodated in spa town Trenčianske Teplice) for annual EDMania festival.

On 4th July I’m going for three weeks to the Netherlands (with plans for Denmark, too).

Right away I’m flying to Croatia (Istria) for two weeks, then few days in Slovenia and Julian Alps and one day to visit all my acquaintances on Balaton, Hungary.

At the end of August – beginning of September there is a huuuge hole I need to fill, me and my friends are thinking about 3-4 days trip to Malta. And if that wouldn’t work, Balaton is always a great idea!

I don’t have any exact things for autumn and winter, just few days in Hungary, Romania as usual, visiting some Christmas markets and if I succeed in any competitions, maybe even other countries…and in February three weeks in Thessaloniki, Greece!!

And I have no idea about what’s about to happen later 😀


Where would you never go on holiday?

Countries where I’d be afraid of losing my life (war zones).


Well, that was it. Do you like this concept of articles? Would you like me to do any more tags? Let me know 🙂

Have a nice day, everyone!

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  1. I love this. I am new to blogging and will be focussing on my amazing travel stories on my blog. Check it out if you like 🙂 I will do my travel tag questions soon and when I do I will remember to mention you and your blog on my post 🙂 will follow you now. So have a browse at my account if you fancy x

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