Answering Your Questions #1


Ive never been a fan of those extra Instagram features, but Ive decided to finally give them a try. Or one of them, precisely.

About two weeks ago I asked you on my Instagram story (@theaccessibleworld) to send me queries about anything youd like to know, and that Ill try to answer them the best as I can and Ill list the answers here as soon as possible.

Some of the questions were rather….debatable (about 100 people asked me if Im single or, alternatively, invited me out), but many other were very interesting, and I was so looking forward to answer them!

So here they are, my long awaited answers!

  • How would you describe yourself with only one noun?

Well…Id easily find many suitable adjectives, but as for a noun…I think Ill go for a “fool” since Im always discontented and restless, working on achieving the vision of my life Ive thought up many years ago.


  • Window or aisle seat?

Depends on the vehicle. I prefer aisle seat in trains and buses since Ive got really long legs and I dont like having them rammed during the journey. But in planes I love window seats, I love flying.


  • What is the dumbest way youve been injured?

Well, this is a pretty funny yarn actually. Ive never had anything seriously broken (thank god), just once…I was playing football with my little brother, when he jumped on my foot and broke two of my five toes…yes, my own brother caused the only injury Ive ever had.


  • Whats the most interesting thing youve experienced this week?

Driving in a snow storm? This week hasnt been interesting at all, most of the time I spent at home studying or cooking.


  • What was the last film you saw?

I decided to watch Bird Box since theres so much talk about it these days and I didnt like it at all. Its supposed to be a thrilling psychological drama, generating deep feelings…as for me, I felt nothing. Maybe I misunderstood the concept…?


  • Do you like adrenaline activities?

No, I like the feeling of safety. However, when it comes to flying, Im reckless. Id love to try zip line above some beautiful nature one day.


  • Which social media do you prefer?

I used to like Instagram before all those innovations that just made quality of posted pictures worse. Now Id go for Pinterest probably, its my favourite source of cooking ideas.


  • Do you use any follower gaining app?

Nope, I just follow every traveller who follows me back. I just have an application for tracking unfollowers, and if I see some (usually masses of them, oh how I love people trying to gain followers this way), I manually unfollow them back right away.


  • Do you send postcards?

I never send postcards from the initial spots where I buy them, I like to deliver them in person.


  • How much stuff have you lost?

Uh, I can recall only earphones and a blouse….


  • Where are you from?

Im from the Easternmost part of Slovakia.


  • Whats the most important thing youve learnt?

Hoping and praying wont help you, you need to work on yourself.


  • How many gadgets are you carrying?

Okay, Im probably worse than any other women in this case since there are some gadgets I always have to have within the hands reach. I always need to have vitamin B, nasal spray, some kind of analgesic, a lip balm, a Nivea multifunctional lotion, tissues, a bottle of water and a hand sanitizer. Some people call me “the walking first aid kit”. 😀


  • What countries attract you the most?

Id love to visit Scandinavian countries, Iceland and Canada. I love cold and these sceneries I always find on Pinterest….just make me wanna explore these regions even more!


  • Whats your next destination?

Thessaloniki, Greece, in about 7 weeks!


  • Whats the longest youve been away from home?

Five weeks in the Netherlands two summer ago. This summer Im planning to spend there even more time.


  • Which country has the friendliest people?

Ill go for Slovenia since Ive never had a bad experience with anyone there.


  • Toilets: squat or Western style?

:DDD definitely the Western style, ideally with some kind of toilet seat sanitizer.


  • Do you like dieting?

If eating no sugar and dairy counts as dieting….? I have never tried any drastic diets and I dont want to, I find most of them quite unhealthy.


  • Do you practice any sports?

Does training brain cells also count?


  • Where do you get the news?

I prefer RTL Nieuws NL over anything since theyre always the first to publish about anything whats happening. And Ive never encountered any hoaxes on their site, another plus for them!


  • Do you consider yourself a traveller?

Not really since Im still studying, I like to call myself “a person enthusiastic about travelling”.


  • Do you think aliens exist?

Isnt it selfish to think were alone in the universe? So yes, I do believe in some kind of extraterrestrial beings.


  • What are you currently worried about?

Passing my driving test!!


  • What are you interested in that most people arent?

I love studying. Absolutely. I love the feeling of being able to know something extra.


  • What phone do you own?

iPhone 6s.


  • Is it cold in Slovakia right now?

Unbelievably, the temperature is supposed to fall upon -19°C tonight!


  • Whats your worst example of procrastination?

Just look at me. Sometimes I take too long breaks between my studies and then Im depressed about it.


  • What did you Google last?

“vacatures in Delft” – Im looking for a part-time job for summer of 2019 in the Netherlands.


Last but not least….

  • Simona, ideme sa sánkovať?


(dedicated to my friend, lol)

Some of the questions were more interesting to try to find a proper answer to, some less, but I enjoyed answering to all of them, maybe Ill repeat this concept after some time!

Thank you for all the queries, have a great day!


and enjoy my view!! ❤

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