3 weeks of learning Swedish – my progress!

God kväll!

So today I’m gonna be talking about my Swedish progress after quite a long time. I’ve been working hard the entire time, don’t mistake my inactivity on blog with my real life, please! In the meantime I got to the 9th lesson and now I basically can translate most of the Swedish things I find on social media. Like articles, descriptions etc. Instagram is a great media for learning, I followed numerous Swedish sites regarding news and weather and they’ve helped me a lot! Let me show you!

Det är många saker som jag gör på fritiden, jag är aldrig ledig. Till exempel, jag läser svenska eller springer. Det är roligt att läsa. Jag också tycker om lyssnar på svensk musik och jag är intresserad av skriva, jag skriver nästan varje dag. Jag läser engelska tre gånger i veckan med min lärare. Nu jag ska prata om mitt liv i allmänhet. På sommaren jag brukar simma ganska ofta eller vandra i fjällen. Jag också tycka om resa. På vintern jag brukar läsa språk och sova. På morgonen brukar jag äta frukost och duscha. På kvällen jag läsar, skriver, tittar på teve eller sovar. På helgen brukar jag sova. På måndagen brukar jag gå till skolan. På förmiddagen brukar jag sitta på skolan. På natten brukar jag sova och på våren brukar jag springa ganska ofta. Men jag tränar aldrig i gymmet, det är tråkigt att träna.


There are numerous things I do in my free time, I’m never free. For example, I study Swedish or go running. It’s fun to learn, I love learning. I also like listening to Swedish music and I’m interested in writing, I write almost every single day. I study English with my teacher three times a week. Now I’m going to talk about my life in general. In summer I use to swim or hike around the hills. I also like to travel then. In the winter I either learn languages or sleep. On mornings I use to eat breakfast and take a shower. On evenings I study, write, watch TV or sleep. On weekends I always sleep. On Mondays I go to school. During the day I always sit in school. In the night I sleep and during spring I like to run quite often. But I never train in the gym, it’s boring to train.

Well this paragraph was….honestly not the best, but most of the words I learnt in the last three lessons couldn’t really be used here, I for example learned how to use adverbs and prepositions, ordinal numbers, how to create plural from nouns, how to correctly use adjectives….it was mostly just grammar that could not be implemented here since my vocabulary isn’t currently as wide to cover such text containing all of this grammar. But I still consider myself to be on a good path to success! I study something every day and that is something to write home about, this is the first time in my life I’ve managed to force myself into doing something absolutely regularly.

Anyway, today I’m going to do some exercises and tomorrow I intend to start a new lesson that is supposed to be about clothes….sounds interesting. In the meantime I sprained my ankle, so I have looots of time for studying, even more than before! However, tomorrow I somehow have to manage to get to the local chateau, there’s this French Soup Festival going on and I’m supposed to present my French Leek Soup Recipe and shoot the whole festival….wish me luck, please!

And as always, I’ll keep you up-to-date with my progress and I’ll be back with regular articles. This week was a bit tough, I didn’t have time to write at all, but from now on I promise to find some time to document my journey. Also, in about two weeks I’m starting my one-month-long journey around Europe and I’ll be keeping a diary like before when I was in Greece! I’m so looking forward, I absolutely loved this way of sharing my impressions and experiences the last time.

Anyway, have a great day!

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