7 wonders of Delft, Netherlands

Delft is one of the smaller Dutch towns, but that doesnt necessarily means that it deserves lesser recognition. A bit of a cliché, but I cant sum it up better! Its packed with a load of traditional Dutch architecture and de grachten. Canals here are, however, greener than in any other cities Ive been to, but thats not a proper argument to miss this municipality out!

This article is not gonna be a guide in the true sense. I am, namely, gonna list 7 places all around Delft, which I find most photogenic and where literally no one can mess up the photo. Enjoy!


  • Molen de Roos, Phoenixstraat 112

De Roos windmill is the only one remaining windmill of fifteen mills that once stood in the Delft region. It was originally wooden, but it was torn down and a new, much larger, the one you see right now took its place.

De Roos has seven floors and you can see an exhibition about the history of windmills in the Delft area in its attic. You have to climb up a number of very narrow ladders to get to the top. But the view from the top is totally worth it and you can see the numerous churches of Delft and the lovely little Dutch houses. The windmill is active and turning every single Saturday and if the flag is hanging from the windmill, then it is even free to enter.

Youll get this shot only when you move the flower pot the way you want it to be. You absolutely dont need to worry about the staff. I mean, if they didnt mind me dragging several diverse pots from place to place to see which colour fits the best, they certainly wont have anything against less overactive visitors :DD



  • Sint Agathaplein

Youll find this tiny square right against Prinsenhof, which youve already probably heard about. Museum Prinsenhof Delft was the scene of one of the most important events in Dutch history: the assassination of King William of Orange, as he was climbing the stairs to his office. You can still see the bullet holes in the wall of the museum even today.

Here youll learn about such famous residents of Delft as Johannes Vermeer, Michiel van Mierevelt, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Hugo de Groot; about the origins of the world-famous Delft Blue earthenware and the secrets behind its success and even more, its got a large and varied collection of paintings, earthenware, and implements. The highlights include unique Delft Blue masterpieces, paintings, textiles and silverware from the 17th century as well as contemporary ceramics.

Youll find my spot right behind the arched gate towards the Oude Delft. I caught this lying on the ground, but I’m sure that if youd have had better lenses, this act wont be necessary.



  • Hippolytusbuurt x Voorstraat x Choorstraat

By this I mean the spot where these three streets unite. The houses youll see against you are very lovely and colourful, and youll also notice a tiny bit of the Stadhuis standing out behind one house.



  • Cameretten

Here youll catch not only the beauty of the local architecture, but also the Nieuwe Kerk and Stadhuis. When the sun sets down, all the buildings is given a nice golden glam.



  • Stadhuis + Nieuwe Kerk

Youll find this spot right after turning right at the previous location. This is my ultimate minion, I just love this place, especially in the evening hours.



  • Nieuwe Kerk + Marktplein

The frontage of the Stadhuis is the best spot for catching the new church and square below, its even better when the town hall is open so you can make a couple of steps back and fit the whole cathedral under that rod. This shot is by far my worst one, there were preparations of an open theatre that afternoon on the main square, I even caught the loo as you can see!



  • Lutherse Kerk

Situated in the “North End” (Noordeinde) on point where four Kolk quasi-streets create a rectangle – a ditch filled with water, is lying my most favourite church in the entire Delft. Its also known as St. Georges Chapel, and it serves the Lutherans and Evangelicals already from the 17th century. Wide lens will be very useful here, otherwise you wont get the entire reflection of the church in the water of a canal, just like me.


All these photographing spots have the best glam in the evening hours when the sun sets down (during the so-called “Golden hour”), therefore I definitely recommend you to shoot them then! Another thing I highly recommend is travelling by bike – its much faster and last but not least also more fun.


Have a great day!

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