6 months in a nutshell

Hi there, it’s me again!

It feels so good to be able to write again and feel happy about it! I missed it so much. Plus this new personal computer is pure writer’s heaven, my last one was…well, not good for blogger’s purposes. Anyway, before describing all the places I visited and all the things I did in previous months, I decided to do a little recap since there’s been a lot of things. I think that in April I may have posted some photos on my Instagram account, however, then I logged out and left it unnoticed for good six months, so you most likely have no clue how things have been. Good. Now there’s something I can reflect upon at least.

My last article before leaving was named “Brno in 8 hours”. Actually I was there much longer, but I felt like such guide will be more useful than a complete guide or anything like that. After that I visited two Slovak national parks with my family, High Tatras and Pieniny. The second one is actually where I come from, fun fact, I have my roots there. It was nice, we even tried kayaking and went to Poland. Also, I think we did some hikes but I don’t know if I recall correctly since last six months were like a dark hole for me, I don’t really remember much if I want to be honest with you. Actually, has something like that ever happened to you? That during some harsher sad times you just lost count of days and lost parts of your memory? It’s weird. Anyway, then there’s this huge gap between trips and then…glorious Netherlands. It was my first time in Eindhoven and I didn’t get to see much since I was in a rush to catch train to my town, what a pity. Over there in Delft, well, I was expecting to be staying there much longer so I didn’t really travel around, all I did was some thrift shopping in Rotterdam, some bike rides to the coast (Kijkduin, Scheveningen) and around Meijendel and yeah, Amsterdam a couple of times. But what I did was running in Midden Delfland and Delft Tanthof areas, which I found out are really nice, so if you live somewhere in Randstad, this is an ideal place for running, walking, cycling, anything. I also used to visit gym and zumba every day and eat loempia’s and noodles all the time. Yeah, interesting. Oh, have you ever heard of Eazie? Eazie is a Dutch brand of these “healthy” fastfoods, where you can create your own wok out of a variety noodles, sauces, meats and vegetables for a very affordable price. I didn’t spend much during my stay since it was kind of a low-cost trip, 99% of what I spent was indeed in Eazie. Heaven, guys. At the end of month of July I went to Hungarian Balaton for a couple of days. As always, we visited beautiful lavender town of Tihany, but most of the time we spent casually sunbathing ashore enjoying lángos and kurtoskalács. After we got home, I was kinda getting depressed of doing the same thing all over again the entire time, so me and my best friend planned a trip to Bratislava and Vienna for a couple of days again. It was amazing, I met some of my family members there as well and Vienna…oh my gosh, if you’ve never been to Vienna, you have to. My first time there was last year in late autumn and even though it was freezing cold back then, I really liked it. However this year, when it was warm and sunny and nice…I loved it. We got to see everything except ZOO and Prater in one day for free, there’s definitely a guide coming soon on how the heck we achieved that. And Bratislava is nice as well, but if I had to choose between these two towns…I bet you already know. And saving the best for the end, my very spontaneous trip to Rhodes where I spent ten days. Although most of the days I spent laying under a plam tree studying history, I got to see pretty much everything this island offers you. Oh, and I broke my DSLR camera there, I cried my eyes out after this happened.

I think that I’ve sufficiently summed up what’s been going on in last couple of months…and now it’s time to start writing, there’s so much I want to talk about! I’ll try to set all the experiences apart from all negativity as well, I hope it’s gonna be fine…all of it.

Have a great day!

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