My first impressions of the Swedish language

Hej, hur är det?

I’ve been learning Swedish for three days now and guys, it feels so refreshing and I absolutely love it! Let me tell you a little bit about my progress so far.

I was kinda expecting it to be somewhat linked with Dutch, but after listening to the pronunciation for like two hours I realised that….well, it doesn’t look nor sound Dutch at all. But since I love challenges, I didn’t give up even though already the first few pages were tough for me. I mean. It could have been easier. If I didn’t speak Dutch. But since I do and I’m used to their pronunciation….the Swedish one is absolutely different and since the words themselves (like their structure and core) are not that dissimilar from the Dutch ones…it’s really confusing, I often find myself reading the texts with the Dutch accent rooted somewhere behind in my mind! I need to get rid of it as soon as possible because it sounds really funny. No one can ever hear me pronouncing the words like this, haha!

Anyway, my book is comprised of 20 lessons, all of them are also recorded on a tape. I’ve already finished the first one and currently I’m dealing with grammar of the second one and to sum up my up-to-date progress…let me introduce myself!

Jag heter Simona. Jag kommer från Slovakien. Jag talar slovakiska, engelska, holländska och svenska. Jag studerar matematik och ekonomi. Jag är sjutton år. Jag har en bror som är tio år. Han går i skolan. Vi bor i ett hus med våra föräldrar. Vår mamma är lärare och vår pappa är läkare. Jag har en kompis som heter Laura. Hon bor också i Slovakien. Laura pratar engelska, slovakiska och tyska. Hon är mycket duktig!


My name is Simona. I’m from Slovakia. I speak Slovak, English, Dutch and Swedish. I study mathematics and economics (soon to be true btw). I’m seventeen years old. I have a brother who is ten years old. He goes to school. We live in a hours with our parents. Our mother is a teacher and our father is a GP. I have a friend named Laura. She also lives in Slovakia. She speaks English, Slovak and German. She’s very clever!

In this tiny paragraph I basically primitively introduced myself and showed you a quick summary of what I know already. Today I’m planning on continuing further, finish the second lesson and start the third one, where I’m supposed to learn to “talk about my day and talk about time”. I’m looking forward! I have no idea where am I gonna use this language and how am I gonna master it once I finish this book since there aren’t many materials available and I don’t know anyone I could speak Swedish with, but I’ll really try to adopt this beautiful language perfectly!

As for now, I have to cut this article since so many new words are waiting for me! I’ll keep you updated and most likely write another review already tomorrow (or today in the night). Thank you for the support on Instagram btw, I didn’t expect so many people to answer me positively!

Have an amazing day everyone! 🙂


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