1 week of learning Swedish – my progress!

God kväll, kompisar!

Good evening, my friends! I’ve just finished the third lesson from my Swedish textbook and I’m happier than I’ve ever been before! Learning new languages make my heart feel full, literally, I feel like a new person new. In a nutshell, I feel hundred times better and healthier now than I did one week earlier. During this week, my very first week of getting acquainted with the beautiful Swedish language, I made it through three lessons and I’ve learnt to:

  • talk about myself
  • introduce my whole nuclear family
  • distinguish words regarding lands, languages, jobs and school subjects
  • count
  • use some pronouns
  • use articles
  • ask about time, and determine time (clock, days, months….)
  • ask about someone’s day + various greetings
  • talk about my day

And much more honestly, this is just what I can think of at the moment. Sometimes I feel like my head is about explode, that’s how many new words I absorb everyday.

Now let me tell you about my usual week day!

Jag stiger upp klockan halv sju. Jag tillbringar mycket tid i badrummet varje morgon: jag duschar och tvättar och gör mitt hår. Sedan äter jag frukost. Jag äter ganska lite – bara en yoghurt. Sedan åker jag bil med min bror och min mamma till skolan. Jag börjar skolan varje dag klockan tjugo i åtta. På måndag och onsdag slutar jag klockan ett. På tisdag och torsdag slutar jag klockan tjugo över två och på fredag slutar jag klockan tio över talv. Efter scholan jag pluggar och idrottar. På kvällen läser jag svenska, engelska eller höllandska. Ofta lyssnar jag också på musik. Sedan duschar jag och går till sängs mellan tio och elva och somnar jag genast. God natt!


I get up at 6:30. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom every morning: I take a shower, I wash my face and do my hair. Then I eat breakfast. I eat rather little – only a yoghurt. Then I go to school with my brother and mom on car. I start school every day at 7:40. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I finish at 13:00. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I finish at 14:20 and on Friday I finish at 12:10. After school I study and do some sports. In the evening I learn Swedish, English or Dutch. I often listen to music as well. Then I take a shower and go to bed between 22:00 and 23:00 and fall asleep immediately. Good night!

It’s not anything to write home about, just a short paragraph, but I feel so proud of myself for being able to write this after only 5 days of learning! I’m sooo looking forward for the further lessons, I absolutely love self-learning and since furthermore I also kinda fell in love with this language….it’s gonna be a lovely journey and I’m definitely willing to learn this language properly, at least to the B2 niveau.

Plus, another thing I did, which basically assured me that I won’t lose my Dutch knowledge, is that I’m translating all of the new words right into the Dutch. At some point it’s great because this way I remember things much more easily, when I have a word I already had to learn once right next to the new one, but at the same time it takes me much more time than it would if I just carelessly translated everything into my mother tongue. But new challenges are always a good thing and I’m definitely not giving up on this manner anytime soon!

In the next two days I intend to finish the lesson number 4, where I’m supposed to learn to talk about places and ask about directions. This is gonna be so interesting, I’m so happy about it! I’m gonna tell you about my progress as soon as possible, possibly in two days….hopefully.

And oh, please, do not take these “progress” articles as praising myself. I’m just very excited and I want to share some enthusiasm with you as well! I also want to show you that everything is possible if you’re passionate enough about it. I mean….six days ago the only word I knew was “fytta” (do not try to translate this please) which I caught in Pewdiepie’s videos. And now I can talk about myself, my family and my day. You may say…oh, but you’re young, oh, but you have a lot of free time. Yes, I am young, and but I’ve met many people who took up a new hobby perfectly even during the pension, just out of boredom or passion about some particular thing. Nothing is impossible, you just have to find some time for it. For some people it really may be impossible, but on the other hand….have you ever felt productive during the day and by the end of the day found out that you spent for instance 4 hours on your phone? Well, and those hours you could have spent for something else. I, for example, used to watch serials in the evening. I loved it, but I felt like I’m wasting time. Now I feel way better and when I say I don’t have time now….I really mean it, since there are so many new words I have to discover. And because I’m really passionate about it, I want to adopt them as soon as possible. Passion is the key, I would say. It is not easy to find something that would fit you or make you feel great, but if you do…you’re a happy person. I found my passion about four years ago, when I stumbled upon the beauty of the Netherlands. I was like, let’s learn some words, it’s gonna make it easier for me. And the second I opened a self-learning book, I found myself totally intrigued with the language. It felt really relieving and I knew that everytime I’d feel down, I just have to open a textbook and it’ll make me feel better.

This is my hobby. It doesn’t have to be your cup of tea. But when I was saying that nothing is impossible, I meant it in general. Really, take up the world, guys, it is so beautiful and full of interesting things!

This was wayyyy too cliché, but I just wanted to give you some enthusiasm and motivation since I felt like all I ever do here is complain about something. So here you are! I’ll be back within a few days, and in the meantime….

Have an amazing day!


2 thoughts on “1 week of learning Swedish – my progress!

  1. Well practically I’m studying none of them, I don’t even know if such degrees exist. I meant studying, learning them at home – everyday I reserve some time for self-learning and during those hours I do nothing but study either English, Dutch or Swedish. I hope I made it more clear to you 🙂


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